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LC-61 Lift Chair with Head rest/ Lumber support system

basic information
Product Description
Products Details:
1. Single motor and Dual motor available: Single motor edition with 3 positions and Dual motor edition with infinite position for user.
2. Standard remote for lift, recliner, head rest/ lumber support control.
3. Chinese HDM motor.
4. Available fabric material with lower or higher cost :Microfiber,chenille, PU, PVC, split leather and top real leather
5. Except real leather, all fabrics are available to be adjusted for matching BS fire retardant standard or CA117 fire retardant standard with additionall cost.
6. Unique head rest/ lumber support system inside, more comfort sitting experience will be provided.
Our Market policy: 
 Market exclusive cooperation priority: Once we confirmed our business relationship with you, all models you are purchasing will only be provided for you in your market area.
Additional function:
Vibration massage: 8 vibration massage motors in backrest, seat cushion and footrest. (require additional cost)
Heating: heat pad in backrest and seat cushion. (require additional cost)
Upholstery Material Selection
Loading Capacity
Package Dimension
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